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What does a Wood Router do?

What does a Wood Router do

Firstly, what is routing actually at least in woodworking. Wood Routing is a high speed process of cutting, trimming, and shaping wood, well that was the very essence of it let us learn more about the whole thing in details.

Diving into it

A Router uses a bit attached to it to mill or shave-off wood when pushed against it as it rotates at a very high rate likewise typical speeds range from 8,000 to 30,000 rpm. So you should be very cautious while working with one.

There are thousands of bits to choose from each of them having their specific jobs and features. It can get very intimidating very quickly if you don’t know what you are looking for, but can produce some amazing results if you know how to work it.

According to Jigs and multiple bits can help to produce dovetails, mortises, and tenons, moldings of infinite varieties, dados and other masterpieces. For most tasks one router with different bits may suffice but on occasions you may need different routers

Varieties Within Routers

Varieties Within Routers

From fixed base to table mounted there are a plethora to choose from but you can’t just jet one. If you are into designing with a computer and can work with CAD it is recommended to get a CNC-Router as it offers precise control but can gouge a deep hole into your pocket in addition you need a fairly specced-out computer if you don’t have one.

But most beginners and novice woodworkers prefer plunge wood routers for their ease of use and robustness, try out some routers and watch a few videos or maybe read a few articles at

Final thoughts

An article like this won’t suffice this criteria of a device, a wood router is a power tool that cuts and shapes wood with precision sounds simple but it isn’t. There is a whole lot more as a brush cannot define an artist’s potential but different brushes wield different results, modern artists need modern tools to make do.