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Maintain Your Id Card Printer Properly: (How To Clean)

ID Card printing systems are a powerful tool for creating ID badges and PVC cards alike. To keep the printer working properly, you should clean the printer every time you change the dye-film ribbon. To ensure your investment doesn’t stop working prematurely. Let’s have a look.

The How to

To clean your printer you will need to turn on your machine. A new clean card and cleaning pen as well as the new blue sticky-roller that comes in every package of dye-film. First, remove the card hopper and open the printer to remove the dye-film ribbon and the blue sticky-roller underneath it.

Remove the metal bar from this blue roller and set it aside in a safe place. Use the menu on the front of the printer and navigate to the ‘Clean Rollers’ option every printer should have some option like that. Then your printer is ready for cleaning.

Open the pouch containing the new cleaning card and remove the card. Select ‘Yes’ on the printer and insert the small end of the cleaning card into the slot on the front of the printer.

While the card is in the printer deposits left by the printing process are being removed with the alcohol in the card. We recommend flipping the card and repeating this process at least two to four times in order to get everything really clean.

How to clean Idcardprinter properly

The cleaning process takes only a few seconds and when it’s done you can clearly see the result. Sometimes, the printer’s rollers may be really dirty. In this case, you will need to manually clean them.

Leave the automatic cleaning mode and select move card from the main menu. Fold the cleaning card in half and press it onto the main middle roller while holding down one of the move card buttons.

Moving the cleaning card back and forth for around fifteen to twenty seconds. When you are done, you can clearly see the dirt and debris removed by this process. You may also wish to clean the rear intake roller.

Turn the printer around and hold the upward move card button while pressing the cleaning card onto the rear roller for fifteen to twenty seconds. Finally, it is important to clean the printheads.

Gently move the pen across the printhead’s teflon surface to remove any dust or residue. After cleaning, you will install a new blue sticky-roller into the printer. Remove the blue roller from the dye-film box and insert the metal bar which was set aside earlier.

To End

Unwrap the roller and snap it into place directly above the orange roller towards the back of the unit. Remove the new roll of dye-film from the box and unwrap it. Place the dye-film into the printer exactly it was before.

Gently close the lid of the printer and replace the card hopper in the back of the unit. Your printer is hopefully cleaned and ready to print. Good Luck.