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How To Work With A Button Maker?

How To Work With A Button Maker

So you been looking for a start to finish button maker tutorial, what paper to use? how to align the materials properly? operation of the button maker itself all really useful stuff to know first. So let’s get started without further delay.

Where to Start?

The paper if you’re using an inkjet printer and you want your graphics vibrant we need a coated paper it will save you a lot hassle. Use a lightweight paper it’ll also work with the button maker heavier papers are generally too thick to use.

Some papers have only one coated side which means it matters which way is printed. Look at it in strong light and you’ll notice there’s a bright white side and one that’s more yellow; the bright side is coated print on it.

An abundance of templates are available at many websites, some hexagonal or beehive shaped templates are ideal because it maximizes the use space on the paper less waste than one aligned in a grid.

What To Do Next?

After printing, you’ll want to cut the paper into strips with this exact kind of cut. It is preferred to get a bundle that also comes with a punch machine that accurately cuts, graphics leaving the perfect room.

It works really well take the strips you’ve cut out feed them into it and it’s quick and easy to punch out your designs there are four main parts to a button. It’s really important to make

certain the shells are not stuck together you will jam the machine if you put more than one shell into it.

button maker machine work start

Save yourself the hassle check every time place the shell convex side up into the maker; place the graphic on top of the shelf check out the backing if you want the pin to be right side up versus your graphic place the double spring side to the right. The squiggly part should also be facing the sky.

You may use a ruler as it needs to be straight if you want the button aligned properly versus the graphic if there’s a tilt the button will be tilted add in the mylar piece then rotate the shell sides at the top operate the lever rotate the mechanism and operate the lever. And we are done like magic you have your button ready.

Final Thoughts

Hope you can pimp up your button collection even more now you can make your own buttons. Good Luck.