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How to Cut a Channel in Wood with a Router?

How to Cut a Channel in Wood with a Router

Dados, grooves or channels whatever you like to call them are pretty much the same thing but they are applied differently and accordingly. Once you learn how to do one you can mostly pull-off all of them as desired.

What Do you Need?

  • Router
  • Angle Ruler
  • Level
  • Sandpaper
  • Clamps

Let us Begin

Working with power tools of any kind demand taking necessary precautions, you should wear safety gloves and glasses for starters. But nothing can be safer than to follow instructions as per told.

Starting off you should clamp down each edge of your work surface, starting diagonally. Begin tracing an outline and determining the width of the channel beforehand, you should account for the type of edge you want in your channel weather you want a smooth rounded corner or you want a chamfered looking bevel everything depends on the type of project you are working on and your taste.

Cut a Channel in Wood with a Router


After you are done tracing place the router on the tracing and put down a straight plank adjacent to the router, using the level and rulers determine it is parallel with the path of the router and clamp it down. It’ll provide necessary guidance(to the router) and will make the process much easier.

After everything is in place including the safety gear turn on the router and place it in place, gently pushing at an angle which assists the router along the plank and it should be perfectly straight according to the plan.

Do not Rush things

Hasting and rushing the router across will increase the chances of chipping the wood and burning the wood.

Hopefully you did it right and cut a straight channel, if you want to angle it or to add designs as: Roman Ogee, Cove; to the existing one change the router bit and do the same thing over again.

Adding Finishing Touches

Maybe your router’s bit was too sharp for you and want to smoothen things up well you know what to do pull out that stash of that sandpaper you have laying around and get on sanding and maybe splash on some Danish oil for that shine.

Final Thoughts

Hope you learned a lot and good luck on that project of yours, have fun in what you do anyways good luck once again!