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Boat Trailer Accessories: A Complete List

Boat Trailer Accessories

The right accessories will be like the favorite brand of hot sauce on your burger, whilst others will just be lying around providing you that tiny bit of assistance or giving your boat the aesthetics you want. So, let us dive into it.

The Complete  Lists:

Dual Wheel Tongue Jack: for heavier payloads and additional manageability, the dual wheel tongue jack will make unhitched maneuverability a breeze.

Electric over Hydraulic Brakes: If you want to upgrade your hydraulic brake, this is a great option.

G5 Stainless Steel Brakes: for those looking for a disc brake upgrade they can get stainless steel brakes, these will provide additional resistance to rust.

Aluminum Wheels: will give your trailer a that aesthetic look and are available as an upgrade on all models, considering you want to pay a little more for looks.

LED Lights: offer a significant safety performance benefit when used in automotive signaling because when electricity is provided, they rise to full intensity about 200ms faster than incandescent bulbs.

These are also more efficient than florescent bulbs which are also prone to breaking. This intensity makes the signal more readily visible and provides drivers following behind with extra time to react.

Spare Tires: you can never possibly know when and where you might need a spare tire. Spare tires are a necessity for all trailer owners and come in a variety of tire and wheel assemblies.

Boat Trailer Spare Tires

Poly Bunk Covers: polyurethane material covers the bunks and allows the boat to easily slide on and off the trailer reducing the chances of damage to your boat.

PVC Load Guides:  are an optional accessory that will make it easier to center the boat on the trailer during loading and unloading. They are particularly helpful if you do a lot of launching or loading in windy conditions or river currents where it can be quite unstable.

Stainless Steel Hardware: for those looking for a premium feature, upgrade to stainless steel hardware as it provides longer salt spray testing, making it superior in corrosion resistance. That guarantees a longer work life.

Swing Tongue: allows the front of the trailer (the tongue) to swing backward, which decreases the overall length of the trailer. If you have a smaller garage this is the tool you need, as it allows boats to fit in small spaces.

Torsion Axles: all of you who are looking for an alternative suspension option, torsion axles require less maintenance and are easier to handle.

Target Bunks: Additional set of bunks that are located in the front of the trailer to assist with loading and launching and to protect the keel of your boat.

Tongue Jacks: these attach to the trailer tongue, making it much easier to move the trailer around when it is not attached to the tow vehicle.

Trailering Mirrors: safety is of utmost importance on your way to and from your childhood fishing spot. Many towing vehicles have extendable mirrors for trailering safety – basically that means minimizing blind spots. Nothing is scarier wanting to change lanes and failing to notice another vehicle in a blind spot.

Final Thoughts

As you might have noticed we couldn’t possibly fit the whole internet into a single article so there was our complete list. Thou there may be some niche tools and accessories out there just find out what you need there is probably an accessory waiting for you.